Ok, here I wil compare Nick Fanon with this wiki.

  1. At Nick Fanon, there are strange catogories. These are some:
  • Cand Approved (Really? User Catogories?)
  • NO DORA ZONE! (Actully, I agree with this one...)
  • NO CONTRUBITORS ZONE! (What?! EVERYONE can edit EVERYTHING. Thats the whole point about wikis)
  • NO LT FAN ZONE! (It may be not the smartest user, but really? Making fun of users in catogories?)
  1. In the chat room, everybody kicks random people
  2. They don't show how popular something is, they just show it ABC order (I am not in preschool, I KNOW MY ABCs!
  3. Templates that offend users (A long time ago on the wiki, one said "That means you, Superhappyyoshis!" about not editing without permission)

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