I am so angry....yuh no why? Feey1, what is his problem?

Foggy Forest, my page, I say that the dragonflies live there. Feey gets pissed off, removes sentence, I get pissed off, undos edits. He says the most stupidest things, like: "HERP DERP I WILL NEVER LET U GET AWAY WITH THIS HERPY DERPY"


  • Says that Anti Skylanders are rip offs of the canon characters.
  • Uses the pictures from the article on the other Anti-Skylanders page.

If you think that the other Anti Skylanders are rip offs, why do you use them on your page? HYPOCRITE!

He is also a christian freak and gets butthurt whenever something about evolution is said. Just to piss him off, i'm going to say something about it. HA PIKACHU EVOLVES INTO RAICHU. Probably after I said that, he's going to get really butthurt.

Feey, I know you're going to comment on this, I know your going to hate this blog post. And I know that you will hate me for the rest of your life. But guess what? I DON'T CARE.

I have tons of work to do on the wiki and putting up with his garbage is making my editing experience on this site even worse then it already is.

Evilrainbow, out.

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