• RayClaus

    What is wrong with you?

    April 27, 2012 by RayClaus

    I am so angry....yuh no why? Feey1, what is his problem?

    Foggy Forest, my page, I say that the dragonflies live there. Feey gets pissed off, removes sentence, I get pissed off, undos edits. He says the most stupidest things, like: "HERP DERP I WILL NEVER LET U GET AWAY WITH THIS HERPY DERPY"


    • Says that Anti Skylanders are rip offs of the canon characters.
    • Uses the pictures from the article on the other Anti-Skylanders page.

    If you think that the other Anti Skylanders are rip offs, why do you use them on your page? HYPOCRITE!

    He is also a christian freak and gets butthurt whenever something about evolution is said. Just to piss him off, i'm going to say something about it. HA PIKACHU EVOLVES INTO RAICHU. Probably after I said that, he's going…

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