So yesterday I was playing Skylanders: Giants Chapter 11- Drill X's Big Rig and I was admiring the scenery and looking that Giant Drill underneath the level and also admiring other thing in the background like that endless sea of clouds and the aurora-like horizon and then I realised- Could Skylands be a Gas Giant? Think about it, it explains so much about Skylands and the science behind it like how do they get from Skylands to Earth? As you would expect Skylands would be in another solar system and in thr "Goldilocks Zone", a term Scientist use to describe the habitable part of the solar system, like the position Earth is in, a place not to close and not to far but just right and perfect to sustain life. There is no doubt that it is possible for a Gas Giant to be in that Habitable Zone, there are even Gas Giants that are right close up to their host star, causing a really big wobble in the star, making it look like the Gas Giant and Host Star are dancing. Of coarse the wobble won't be as big if the planet is in the habitable zone but it would still be present. Now onto the next part of this theory- the floating islands. I assume the floating islands were originally asteroids from outer space that get sucked into Skyland's atmosphere providing land for life to be sustained. Now I would guess Skylands is a relitively calm gas giant, being able to support life. So these Islands would actually orbit inside of the atmosphere, something not even scientist would be sure is possible but I would say it's maybe because the islands might be magnetic somehow (Not sure how) or the gas surface below keeps large objects floating. As for the life, it looks the majority of it carbon based, but a few like Hot Head, Eruptor and Hot Dog don't look to be carbon based instead some other element on the periodic table. With all this said, in conclusion Skylands could be gas giants because of the the endless sea of clouds, that aurora-like horizon, the fact that it is described as and endless expanse and Gas Giants are huge enough to seem like an endless expanse. It's in the habitable zone and asteroids come in and act as solid land while orbiting inside of the atmosphere and finally not all life on there is carbon based. With all of this said these are all potential evidence that Skylands could actually exist out there believe it or not, with the Skylanders being sent to be parallel version of earth. If you have read through all of this I would like to say thank you as large texts are pretty long to read and stay tuned for more if you like this as I still have more to explain!

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