I got bored and decided to do one of these things.

  • 1: Your friend starts reading out loud a book you hate.
    • A: Take advice from Claus and throw the book into a lava lake!
    • B: Try to stay calm.
    • C: Scream at them to stop reading.
  • 2: Porky Minch appears in your closet for the 5th time in a row.
    • A: Destroy him!
    • B: Slam the door.
    • C: Throw pineapples and cold pizzas at him.
  • 3: Someone starts to be annoying and says that wolves aren't overrated.
    • B: "Well, it's your opinion."
    • C: "Okay, whatever."
  • 4: You wake up in Porky Minch High.
    • A: Destroy the lockers, doors, and everything else while trying to get out.
    • B: Try to sneak out of there and learn a bit about what's going on.
    • C: GET. OUT.
  • 5: Your friend cans you in Can Your Pet!
    • A: Scream at them.
    • B: "Why would I be offended by a stupid game?"
    • C: Can them back.
  • 6: Someone offers to take a selfie with you!
    • B: Take a selfie with them.
    • C: Walk away.
  • 7: You are globally blocked from Wikia!
    • A: Get mad and break your computer.
    • B: Find something else to do.
    • C: Make a new account on someone else's computer.
  • 8: Your friend supports Sporky.
    • A: Attack them.
    • B: "Whatever".
    • C: Try not to talk to them.
  • 9: Porky tries to kill you!
    • A: Attack him in an explosive battle.
    • B: Call your friends and avoid his attacks.
    • C: Kick him out of your house.
  • 10: It starts raining Sonic '06 disks!
    • A: Destroy each and every one.
    • B: Run into your house.
    • C: Who cares?

If you got mostly A's, you're the most like the Ultimate Chimera.

If you got mostly B's, you're the most like Drago.

If you got mostly C's, you're the most like Ridley.

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