Are you tired of a normal life? Do you want a more exciting life? Do you look at Skylanders in awe and say, "man, I wish I could be one of them"? Well, now you can be a Skylander! These are tons of easy ways to become a Skylander!

However, you must be one of the following:

  • Any animal Superhappyyoshis likes

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go through all of the different methods!

The Takeover Method

  1. Wait for Kaos to attack your homeland as soon as possible. This is very important when becoming a Skylander this way.
  2. Don't wait for help. Just get a weapon or use your super duper incredibly secret-y secret power of any kind and bring harm to Kaos' minions in any possible fashion. 
  3. Wait for another Skylander to ask you to become a Skylander.
  4. Say yes.
  5. PROFIT!

The Troll/Chompy Method

This is a bit like a toned down Takeover Method.

  1. Become friends with whatever Skylander Superhappyyoshis is obsessed with at the moment.
  2. Kill a SINGLE Troll or Chompy.
  3. PROFIT!

The Stare Method

Probably the easiest method so far.

  1. Go look at something that seems normal (ex: night )
  2. PROFIT!

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