aka Dillon Rhodes

  • I live in East Moline
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Coolot1

    New story

    August 1, 2014 by Coolot1

    I am making a new story seris. It is like Skylanders EoP. It is called Skylanders Portal Master Legends. The main characters are Portal Master Claus, and Portal Master Sackboy. They are with their Skylanders. 

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  • Coolot1

    This story is about Malefor wants to get the elemental masters, and my skylander Shockclopse must work with others to stop him. Then Malefor faces all of them. Then suddenly Spyro, and Shockclopse fused to battle him.

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  • Coolot1

    Can you guys help?

    June 23, 2014 by Coolot1

    I am making Skylanders Super Force. I need help with new Skylanders, the super force, enimes, and worlds. Also for the enimies, and worlds separate them from 3ds to Console.

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