i looked at some of my old stuff



i think i was kind of stupid back then

Half of my Skylanders were characters either

  1. Characters from movies/games/books that had no changes at all (i'm looking at you, Soren) or were recolored in MS Paint and given slightly different names (i'm looking at you, Rigel)
  2. Regular animals/mythical creatures with little to no changes (i'm looking at you, Vecoline)

Most of the time, I focused on one species for a little bit (like eagles and Phenoix Dragons) and then stopped, and then they were never mentioned again.

Most of my old creations were based off of toys or were just created along with about a million clones of them because of an obsession I had at the time they were made (I was obsessed with Vecoline and Sunburn for both of their respective series). These Skylanders usually had stories surrounding them, and they were usually never finished because they were made near the end of the obsession.

I tried WAYYYYYYY too hard to make the Vecoline page long. I quickly drew pictures that took, like, 2 minutes to make and put them in the gallery. I even bragged about it.

"Vecoline has the longest page on this wiki" ~Vecoline's trivia section, some time in 2012.

My grammar was not that good, but hey, that's to be expected, and I usually left things unfinished and asked Evilrainbow to finish them ("WILL U EDITT DIS PAEG 4 MII????//????" ~my only use for message walls during that time).

When I didn't recolor things, my art was terrible. What? You don't believe me?

I may start editing on here again...

just be prepared for lots of Claus (that's my current obsession :3)



OH MY GOSH WHAT THE PHAZON WAS I THINKING. I obviously didn't know about what could be qualified as "logical" and what wasn't back then...

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