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Some trap team skylanders dont have battlecrys yet so on this page you can Ad your custom battlecrys For trap team skylanders. But if there ia a situasion like you know one For lob star and there already is a custom battlecry For him, no problem even if you know 10 battlecrys For him , you can add them all

The Battlecrys

Lob star: these stars leave scars!

Fling kong:dont monkey me!

Trailblazer: im hot on the trail!

Short cut:cut to the case!

Rocky roll: the roll whitin!

Treadhead: comming trough!

Head Rush: Heads Up!

Fist bump: bump battle!

Flip Wreck: Flip It And Rip It!

High Five: Don't Knaw on The Claw!

Thunderbolt: thunderclap clammity!

Head Rush: Rush Hour is today! 

Blades: The dragon within!

Short Cut: Now That Was Cutting It A Little Close!

Lob Star: I'm The Star Of The Show!

These are the custom battlecrys yet add more if you want!

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