Villain ideas For Trap Team. Warning! This is just custom ideas, maybe some ideas will realy come in the future, but if there are that dont come dont be angry.


Sheep mage magic

Mesmeralda undead

Evilized glumshanks tech

Brock life

Pipsqueak earth

Fire viper fire (giant Villain)

Arbor eater life

Baron von shellshock water

Cluck tech

Vathek undead (giant Villain)

Bubba greebs magic

Drill x tech (giant Villain)

Mega chompulon tech

Brute earth

Lt.woalf life

Captain frightbeard water

Cyclops blawlbuckler water

Evil viod beast Magic ( Giant Villain.)

If you know more fun Villains add them.custom. Villains are welcome!!!