This is a list of all the Senseis that I want in Skylanders: Imaginators.

My Custom Senseis Edit

Name Battle Class Element
Golden Queen Sorcerer Earth
Wolfgang Bowslinger Undead
Dr. Krankcase Quickshot Tech
Chompy Mage Sorcerer Life
Chef Pepper Jack Sentinel Fire
The Gulper Smasher Water
Tae Kwon Crow Ninja Dark
Kaos Portal Master Kaos
Master Eon Portal Master Eon
Brock Brawler Earth
Captain Frightbeard Swashbuckler Water
Pain-Yatta Smasher Magic
Lord Stratosfear Knight Air
Swordsman Chop Chop Swashbuckler Undead
Mystical Double Trouble Sorcerer Magic
Super Smash Wham-Shell Smasher Water
Turbine Jet-Vac Quickshot Air
Boxing Bash Terrafin Brawler Earth
Burning Bow Flameslinger Bowslinger Fire
Lob Goblin Bazooker Light
Big Guns Trigger Happy Quickshot Tech
Silent Stealth Elf Ninja Life
Nightmare Duo Sorcerer Dark
Hood Sickle Sentinel Undead
Luminous Knight Light

Trivia Edit

  • There will be a new battle class called the Portal Master Class.
    • There will be two new elements for this class, the Kaos element and the Eon element.
  • Chef Pepper Jack will have his weapon be two Egg Beaters conected as one.
  • There will also be reposed Skylanders as Senseis.
  • Lob Goblin will have a bazooka which shoots his Electro-Mines at enemies.
  • The Nightmare Duo is a team up of Dream Sheep and Sleep Dragon.

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