He is a tech skylander in Skylanders: Legends.

Bio Edit

He was a worker in the Gateways of Time. Then soon the Trolls invaded it planning to turn it into a Troll hideout. Soon he grabbed a time suit and fought back. Soon he beat them, and Eon saw his heroics. Soon Eon recruited him to be a Skylander.

Moves Edit

Beginning Edit

  • Time Zap: Causes enemies to get defeated. (First Attack)
  • Mega Dash: Can dash very fast

Basic Edit

  • Triple beam: Can triple the time zap's beam direction.
  • Mecha Fly: Can make a clone who fights with you
  • Acid trail: Can make a acid trail where you dash
  • Tough Beam: Can make a stronger beam

Beam Razor Edit

  • Boom beam: Causes the beam to explode on enemies.
  • Ultra beam: Can cause more damage to the attack
  • Black beam: Can cause shadows in the beam to destroy more enemies.
  • Ultra razor beam: Can make a razor beam.

Acid Sloop Edit

  • Deadly Acid: Can make deadlier acid.
  • Sticky Acid: Can make acid stick to enemies.
  • What the Monster: Can make monsters in the acid.
  • Moving Slime: Can make acid move.

Soul Gem Edit

  • Kuco Kuco: Can transform into a Crazy Fly for 40 seconds.

Quotes Edit

  • "Time for Fun," Beginning Catchphrase.
  • " This seems out of time," When wearing a hat.
  • " You're out of Date," When defeating an enemies.

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