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"A Shocking Experience!"
—Thunder Shock's officisl catchphrase

Thunder Shock is a Fusion Force Skylander of the Air element in Trailblazer101's Skylanders: Fusion Force.

Origin Edit


Top Half Abilities Edit

Gain upgrades from either Persephone and/or Power Pods

Starting Abilities Edit

Name Info
Hammer Time Press B to whack your hammer around
Lightning Shock Press X to shoot lightning bolts from your hammer

Basic Upgrades Edit

Name Info
Hammer Reflexes Now whack your hammer around faster than before
Lightning Stun Lightning Shock now temporarily stuns enemies
Hammer My Hammer Your hammer now deals more damage on enemies
Lightning Charge Hold X to charge your hammer with lightning. All hammer and lightning attacks deal more damage when charged

Path #1: Master of the Hammer Edit

Upgrade your Hammer Time abilities further

Name Info
Hammer Combos Press B, B, B for Hammer Throw; Press B, B, hold B for Hammer, Hammer, Swing
Hammer Pitcher Hammer Throw combo is faster and deals more damage than before
Cloud Shield While performing Hammer, Hammer, Swing combo, you create a cloudy shield around you which protects you from enemy attacks

Path #2: Thunder God Edit

Upgrade your Lightning Shock abilities further

Name Info
Electromaniac After being charged up, electricity goes around your body and shocks enemies when you walk past them
Leaping Lightning When performing Electromaniac, lightning bolts attack enemies at a further range
Down to Earth After being charged up, Hold X again to have a bolt of lightning strike your hammer from above, shocking all enemies in range.

Soul Gem Edit

Name Info
Heavenly Armor New armor gives you more protection against enemy attacks

Wow Pow Edit

Name Info
Electric Hammer Pound Press A to jump, then press B, X to perform an electrifying ground pound with your hammer

Bottom Half Abilities Edit

Gain upgrades from either Persephone and/or Power Pods

Starting Abilities Edit

Name Info
Cloud Teleportation Press Y to use your cloud to teleport

Basic Upgrades Edit

Name Info
Quick Trip Cloud Teleportation is faster than before
Electric Cloud Your cloud now gains electricity around it, causing damage to nearby enemies
Cloud Minis Miniature clouds appear after every time you teleport. They deal damage if enemies hit them
Cloud Zapper Electric Cloud attack now deals more damage to enemies

Path #1: Master of Cloud Teleportation Edit

Upgrade your cloud teleportation further

Name Info

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