The Drago Pit
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The Drago Pit, home of the Mecha-Drago and the small rocky place in Dragon Island!
Vital statistics
Type Corner
Location Dragon Island
Inhabitants The Mecha-Drago and Fernstar
Capital None

The Drago Pit is a small rocky corner in Dragon Island where the Mecha-Drago lives. Fernstar lives behind the rocks of this place, hidden. 



From the Depths of DeviantARTEdit

The Drago Pit is the main setting of the epilogue, where the Mecha-Drago burns Claus' old jetpack.


  • A fireplace can be located here. This is where Rayman and Portal Master Claus come to burn things like posters.
  • The Drago Pit doesn't have any food at all, but there is a grocery store close to it where the Mecha-Drago gets his food from.

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