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Returning CharactersEdit

  1. Mario (Charles Martinet)[1][2]
  2. Yoshi (Frank Welker)[3][4]
  3. Donkey Kong (Khary Payton)[5][6]
  4. Link (Vincent Tong)[7][8]
  5. Samus (Rebecca Shoichet)[9][10]
  6. Kirby (Laura Bailey)[11][12]
  7. Fox (James Arnold Taylor)[13][14]
  8. Pikachu (Kelly Sheridan)[15][16]
  9. Luigi (Charles Martinet)[17][18]
  10. Ness (Andrea Libman)[19][20]
  11. Jigglypuff (Rachael Lillis)[21][22]
  12. Captain Falcon (Travis Willingham)[23][24]
  13. Ganondorf (Kevin Michael Richardson)[25][26]
  14. Bowser (Fred Tatasciore)[27][28]
  15. Marth (Eric Bauza)[29][30]
  16. Peach (Samantha Kelly)[31][32]
  17. Zelda (Cathy Cavadini)[33][34]
  18. Falco (Snoop Dogg)[35][36]
  19. Mewtwo (Frank Welker)[37][38]
  20. Sheik (Cathy Cavadini)[39][40]
  21. Mr. Game & Watch (MacInTalk)[41][42]
  22. Roy (Tom Kenny)[43][44]
  23. Wario (Charles Mantinet)[45][46]
  24. Meta Knight (Khary Payton)[47][48]
  25. Pit (Antony Del Rio)[49][50]
  26. Zero Suit Samus (Rebecca Shoichet)[51][52]
  27. Ike (Jason Adkins)[53][54]
  28. Diddy Kong (Seth MacFarlane)[55][56]
  29. Charizard (Kevin McDonald)[57][58]
  30. Olimar (Kazumi Evans)[59][60]
  31. King Dedede (David Sobolov)[61][62]
  32. Lucas (Ashleigh Ball)[63][64]
  33. R.O.B. (MacInTalk)[65][66]
  34. Toon Link (Grey DeLisle)[67][68]
  35. Lucario (Keith David)[69][70]
  36. Villager (Darren Criss)[71][72]
  37. Wii Fit Trainer (October Moore)[73][74]
  38. Rosalina (Maryke Hendrikse)[75][76]
  39. Bowser Jr. (Kath Soucie)[77][78]
  40. Greninja (Steve Blum)[79][80]
  41. Little Mac (Peter New)[81][82]
  42. Palutena (Selena Gomez)[83][84]
  43. Robin (Daran Norris)[85][86]
  44. Lucina (Laura Bailey)[87][88]
  45. Dark Pit (Antony Del Rio)[89][90]
  46. Shulk (Adam Howden)[91][92]
  47. Duck Hunt (Carlos Alazraqui)[93][94]
  48. Sonic (Roger Craig Smith)[95][96]
  49. Mega Man (Johnny Yong Bosch)[97][98]
  50. Pac-Man (Grey DeLisle)[99][100]
  51. Ryu (Kyle Hebert)[101][102]
  52. Cloud (Alvin Sanders)[103][104]
  53. Corrin (Cam Clarke)[105][106]
  54. Bayonetta (Hellena Taylor)[107][108]


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