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"Burning Rubber!"
—Speed Demon's official catchphrase

Speed Demon is a Fusion Force Skylander of the Fire element in Trailblazer101's Skylanders: Fusion Force.

Origin Edit


Top Half Abilities Edit

Gain upgrades from either Persephone and/or Power Pods

Starting Abilities Edit

Name Info
Fire Claw Press B to slash your enemies with a burning fire claw
Demon Breath Press X to shoot a ball of fire from your mouth

Basic Upgrades Edit

Name Info
Sharp Claw Fire Claws are now sharper dealing more damage
Pyro Breath Hold X to shoot fire out of your mouth that burns enemies
Claws of the Afterlife Fire Claws now leave behind a burning flame after an enemy dies
Lava Breath Demon Breath now allows you to shoot a lava ball out of your mouth

Path #1: Claw Creeper Edit

Upgrade your Fire Claw abilities further

Name Info
Underworld Flames Flames left behind from Claws of the Afterlife deal more damage
Fiery Flow Underworld Flames now spread around the area that it is started in
Speedy Slash Hold B to slash around your Fire Claws rapidly fast

Path #2: Breather of Fire Edit

Upgrade your Demon Breath abilities further

Name Info
Triple Burn Lava Breath can shoot three lava balls out of your mouth instead of one
Volcano Blast When Lava Balls hit the ground, they create a mini volcano, which erupts when enemies are near
Too Hot To Handle Hold X for a longer period of time to shoot a blue flame which goes at a farther distance and deals more damage

Soul Gem Edit

Name Info
Demonic Fire Claw Press B, B, hold X to summon a giant demonic Fire Claw that attacks all enemies around you

Bottom Half Abilities Edit

Starting Abilities Edit

Name Info
Fire Sprint Hold Y to run at a super speed

Basic Upgrades Edit

Name Info
Burning Rubber Fire Sprint is now faster
Hot, Hot, Hot As you perform your Fire Sprint attack, you leave behind a trail of fire which damages enemies overtime
Lava Pool Press Y to turn your legs into a pool of lava

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