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Skylanders: Imaginists

Theme Song

Sonic the Hedgehog Theme Song

English Voice Actor:

Roger Craig Smith

"Way Past Cool!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog's offical catchphrase

Sonic the Hedgehog is a Brawler Sensei of the Light element in Skylanders: Imaginists. He is included in the South Island expansion pack.

Origin Edit

Kaos' father, the Administor, has created his own army of evil Skylanders called Doomlanders to bring back the Darkness and conquer all of Skylands. The Administor then opened up a portal in a world known as Mobius, and brough the evil Dr. Eggman to Skylands to help him with his plans. The portal also brought back two heroes, Sonic and Amy who were found by Master Eon and were made apart of the Senseis.

Quotes Edit

"Way Past Cool!"
—Sonic's catchphrase
"Yeah not bad!"
—When getting a collectible
"Is that it?"
—When out of Sky-Chi
"Gotta go fast!"
—When speeding
"Sonic's the name, speed's my game"
—When speeding
"Well that wasn't so hard!"
— After solving a puzzle
"That's not gonna happen, buddy!"
—When in battle

Abilities Edit

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
South Island

Sonic Punch Sonic Speed Gotta Go Fast

Primary Ability
Repetitively press (Attack 1) to punch nearby enemies.

Secondary Ability
Hold (Attack 2) to get ready to run, let go to start speeding. Double tap (Attack 2) to curl up into a ball.

Price: 4000
Time Travel attack now allows Sonic to zoom into areas blocked by Lock Puzzles.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Spiked Knuckles Sonic Slide Doing Combos - Sonic Style Ring Toss

Price: 500
Now gain spiked knuckles which deal more damage to enemies.

Price: 700
While running, press (Attack 3) to slide into enemies.

Price: 900
Press (Attack 1), (Attack 1), (Attack 1) to perform an uppercut. Press (Attack 1), (Attack 1), (Attack 3), to perform a fast kick.

Price: 1200
Press (Attack 3) to toss Power Rings that damage enemies.

Sonic Brawler
Further upgrade your Hedgehog Punch attacks.

Sonic Slam Sonic Shockwave K.O.

Price: 1700
Jump up and then press (Attack 1) to perform a Sonic Slam.

Price: 2200
Sonic Slam attack now does increased damage, pushing back enemies.

Price: 3000
Knock out enemies with only one punch.

Sonic Speedster
Further upgrade your Sonic Speed and Ring Toss attacks.

Speed Boost Three Rings Time Travel

Price: 1700
While running, hold (Attack 3) to power up with a Power Ring to run faster.

Price: 2200
Now toss three Power Rings at enemies dealing more damage.

Price: 3000
Running around for a long period of time will then allow Sonic to travel through time, making enemies slower.

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