The Joke's on You! -Slyena's official catchphrase

Slyena is a spotted hyena in Skylanders: World. She is of the Undead element.


Slyena came from a clan of hyenas where she grew up the runt of the litter. Her mother told her that she was special, but she didn’t believe it. One day, the clan was invaded by a group of evil lions who captured most of the clan and forced them into slave labor. Slyena refused to obey them and decided to stand up and fight. She picked up two giant bones and used them to free her clan from the lions’ tyranny. This heroic deed caught the eye of Master Eon who made her a Skylander. Now Slyena uses her special skills and her sense of humor to fight against evil, although she is kind of a prankster.


1: Twin Bones- Whack enemies with two giant bones. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and hold for a special combo!

2: Supersonic Laugh: Stun enemies with a supersonic hyena laugh.

3:Hyena Bite: Bite enemies with your jaws.

SOUL GEM: Hyena Health: Regain health from biting enemies.

Additional AttacksEdit

Bigger Bones: Bone attacks do increased damage.

Laugh Out Loud: Laugh attacks do increased damage.

Make 'Em Laugh: Laugh attacks make enemies laugh too.

Path 1:Bone Warrior (Bone Attacks)Edit

Bone Combos: Press A1, A1, and hold A2 for Bone Bash, Press A1, A1, and hold A3 for Bone Spin.

Them Dry Bones: Bone attacks do even more increased damage.

Stone Bones: Bones are now made of stone and do extreme damage.

Path 2:Last Laugh (Laugh Attacks)Edit

Laugh 'Til They Drop: Enemies affected by laugh attacks will die laughing (literally!).

Now That's Funny!: Laugh Attacks do even more increased damage.

Laugh Gas: Laugh Attacks let out a poisonous gas.

Battle CriesEdit

  • The Joke's on You!
  • Looks like I got the last laugh!
  • You'll die laughing!
  • This won't be funny!

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