these are the variants in the skylanders series

nitro series:Edit

nitro freeze blade

nitro magma charge

nitro chopper

nitro krypt king

nitro head rush

dark series:Edit

dark wash buckler

dark blast zone

dark stealf elf

dark mega ram spyro

dark slobber tooth

dark wildfire

dark snap shot

dark food fight

dark normal spyro

legendary seriesEdit

legendary trigger happy

legendary spyro

legendary gill grunt

legendary chop chop

legendary bash

legendary tree rex

legendary cynder

legendary jet-vac

legendary slam bam

legendary ignitor

legendary bouncer

legendary stealf elf

legendary chill

lengendary free ranger

legendary eruptor

legendary night shift

legendary zoo lou

legendary grin creeper

legendary food fight

legendary snap shot

legendary blades

legendary jawbreaker

legendary bushwack

legendary deja vu

legendary wash buckler

legendary blast zone

legendary wild fire

punch seriesEdit

punch pop fizz

power punch pet vac

punch elsa (red elsa)

punch spyro

Christmas seriesEdit

jolly bumble blast

winterfest lob star

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