skylanders trap team 3ds bundle is a new bundle to skylanders trap team includes:

gnarly barkley gusto and high five a portal of power 5 ar cards a poster 3 sticker sheets 3 cards a traptanium 3ds and the game pre installed

you can also collect more variant skylanders like

punch pop fizz - magic volcanic eurptor - fire dark spyro - magic king cobra cadabra - magic eggcellent weeruptor - fire nitro krypt king - undead nitro chopper - tech legendary jawbreaker - tech legendary bushwhack - life legendary food fight - life legendary snap shot - water legendary flip wheck (coming 2015) - water legendary blades - air legendary gusto (coming 2015) - air legendary deja vu - magic dark wildfire - fire dark bat spin (coming 2015) - undead dark high five (coming 2015) - life dark snapshot - water and dark food fight - life

you can also collect more mini skylanders like weeruptor - fire small fry - fire

mildfire (coming 2016) - fire attacks flamethrower golden lion run shield protect and bigger barf

mini-jini - magic spry - magic gill runt - water thumpling -water whisper elf - life barkley - life hijinx - undead eye small - undead trigger snappy - tech drobit - tech breeze - air pet-vac - air

bumblebee (coming 2016) - air attacks sting shot sure shot bee x marks the spot and stinger smash

masher (coming 2017) - earth attacks hammer smashing rocksplosion earth lazer and hammer spin

bop - earth terrabite - earth

you can collect more trap masters like lob star - water tuff luck - life bush whack - life snap shot (console to 3ds) - water krypt king - undead short cut - undead thunderbolt - air gusto jawbreaker - tech gearshift - tech wallop - earth head rush - earth

blastatronic (coming 2015) - tech attacks: traptanium sword sword smash lazer and tornado

trap master tree rex (coming 2015) - life attacks traptanium axe axe slash tree rex smash and tree rex lazer

trap master swarn (coming holiday 2014) - air attacks traptanium stingers x marks the spot sure shot bumble and stinger smash

you can collect returning and core skylanders like tidal wave gill grunt - water hog wild fryno - fire sure shot shoomboom - life trail blazer -fire flip wreak - water high five - life torch - fire echo - water food fight (console to 3ds) - life bat spin - undead blades - air tread head - tech funny bone - undead fling kong - air chopper - tech fist bump - earth rocky roll - earth

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