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This page is for all the characters that has been announced from Trap Team. Sooo, if you see something new, write it down please so you always got the newest info about this game!

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Trap Masters:

BlasterMind (Magic)

Enigma (Magic)

Gearshift (Tech)

Jawbreaker (Tech)

Snap Shot (Water)

Lob Star (Water)

Wildfire (Fire)

Ka-Boom (Fire)

Wallop (Earth)

Head Rush (Earth)

Gusto (Air)

Thunderbolt (Air)

BushWhack (Life)

Tuff Luck (Life)

Krypt King (Undead)

Short Cut (Undead)

Knight Light (Light)

Knight Mare (Moon)

New core:

Deja Vu (Magic)

Cobra Cadabra (Magic)

Chopper (Tech)

Tread Head (Tech)

Echo (Water)

Flip Wreck (Water)

Torch (Fire)

Trail Blazer (Fire)

Fist Bump (Earth)

Rocky Roll (Earth)

Blades (Air)

Fling Kong (Air)

Food Fight (Life)

High Five (Life)

Funny Bone (Undead) 

Bat Spin (Undead)

Blackout (Moon)

Spotlight (Sun)

Fritolaycontest: Its seems like all three is on the skylanders team now

Returning skylanders:

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (Magic) (Series 3)

Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Water) (Series 4)

Hog Wild Fryno (Fire) (Series 2)

Full Blast Jet-Vac (Air) (Series 3)

Sure Shot Shroomboom (Life) (Series 2)

Minis (both new and old for this):

Spry (Spyro)

Mini Jini (Ninjini)

Trigger Snappy (Trigger Happy)

Drobit (Drobot)

Gill Runt (Gill Grunt)

Thumpling (Thumback)

Weruptor (Eruptor)

Small Fry (Fryno)

Breeze (Whirlwind)

Pet-Wac (Jet-Vac)

Terra Bite (Terrafin)

Bop (Bash)

Whisper elf (Stealth Elf)

Barkley (Tree-Rex)

Hijinx (Hex)

Eye-small (Eye-Brawl)


Playable Villians

Kaos (Kaos Element?)        (Chapter 18)

Pain-yatta (Magic)

Rage Mage (Magic)

Bomb Shell (Magic)

Schrednaught (Tech)

Dr. Krancase (Tech)                  (Chapter 11) (Doom Raider)

Bruiser Cruiser (Tech)

Mab Lobs (Tech)                 (Chapter 9)

Brawlrus (Tech)

Trolling Thunder (Tech)

Chill Bill (Water)

Brawl and Chain (Water)      (Chapter 6)

Gulper (Water)                     (Chapter 1) (Doom Raider)

Cross Crow (Water)              (Chapter 12)

Slobber Trap (Water)           (Chapter 2)

Threatpack (Water)              (Chapter 14)

Granaid (Fire)

Chef Pepper Jack (Fire)        (Chapter 5) (Doom Raider)

Scrap Shooter (Fire)

Smoke Scream (Fire)

Buzzer Beak (Air)

Dream Catcher (Air)             (Chapter 8) (Doom Raider)

Krankenstein (Air)

Bad Juju (Air)

Golden Queen (Earth)           (Chapter 17) (Doom Raider)

Grave Clobber (Earth)

Tussle Sprout (Earth)

Chomp Chest (Earth)

Chompy Mage (Life)             (Chapter 3) (Doom Raider)

Sheild Shredder (Life)

Broccoli Guy (Life)

Cockou Clocker (Life)

Sheep Creep(Life)                (Chapter 1)

Chompy (Life)

Wolfgang (Undead)              (Chapter 13) (Doom Raider)

Bone Chompy (Undead)

Maskermind (Undead)     

Hood Sickle (Undead)   

Eye Five (Dark) (Chapter 7)

Eye Screamer (Dark)

Fisticuffs (Light)

Blaster-Tron (Light)

Tae Kwon Crow (Chapter 15)

Luminous (Light) (Doom Raider)

Nightshade (Dark) (Doom Raider)



Dark Snap Shot

Dark Wildfire

Dark Food Fight

Legendary Blades

Legendary Dejá Vu

Legendary Jawbreaker

Legendary Bushwhack

Nitro Krypt King

Nitro Head Rush

Winterfest Lob Star

King Cobra Cadabra

Eggselent Weeruptor


Outlaw Brawl and Chain

Riot Shield Shredder

Steamed Broccoli Guy

(Seen) Traps

Traps with their Elements:

Kaos Trap (Kaos element)

Hammer Trap (Earth, Life)

Tiki Trap (Tech, Water, Life)

Skull Trap (Magic, Undead)

Torch Trap (Fire, Life)

Scepter Trap (Tech, Fire)

Jughead Trap (Air, Water)

Log Holder Trap (Magic)

Orb Trap (Undead, Earth)

Toucan Trap (Life, Air, Earth)

Yawn Trap (Fire)

Axe Trap (Magic, Undead, Axe)

Sword Trap (Air, Life)

Hand Trap (Tech, Undead)

Angel Trap (Tech, Water) Helmet Trap (Tech, Water)

Rocket Trap (Magic)

Snake Trap (Air, Life)

Totem Trap (Earth, Fire)

Elements with their Traps:

Kaos: Kaos Trap

Magic: Skull, Logholder, Axe, Totem and Rocket Trap

Tech: Tiki, Scepter, Hand, Angel and Helmet Trap

Water: Tiki, Jughead, Logholder, Axe, Angel and Helmet Trap

Fire: Torch, Scepter, Totem and Yawn Trap

Earth: Hammer, Orb, Toucan and Totem Trap

Air: Jughead, Toucan, Sword and Snake Trap

Life: Torch, Hammer, Toucan, Sword, Snake and Yawn Trap

Undead: Skull, Orb, Axe, Hand and Snake Trap


Console Starterpack: Snap Shot and Food Fight, Water and Life traps.

3DS Starter pack: Gusto and Barkley (tree rex sidekick), two traps.

Dark Starter Pack: Dark Snap Shot, Wildfire and Foodfight, Water and Life Trap, Exclusive Kaos Trap.

Mirror of Mysteries Adventure Pack: Mirror of Mysteries, Rocket Ram, Tiki Speaky, Deja Vu

Nightmare Express Adventure Pack:  Nightmare Express, Piggy Bank, Hand of Fate, Blades

Three Packs: 

Blades, Torch and Tidal Wave Gill Grunt

Funny bone, Sure Shot Shroom Boom and Chopper

Mini elemental double packs:

Mini Jini & Spry

Eye Small & Hijinx

Bop & Terrabite

Trigger Snappy & Drobit

Buddy packs:

Tidal Wave Gill grunt & Gill Runt