Skylanders Super Force is the 5th Skylanders game. It is for all past systems that the previous Skylanders games had. The Super Force Skyladers wear special wristbands that can activate their special ability.  Their abilities are based off their element. 

Still in edit. 


Once, Malefor had ruled Skylands, and then the Super Force came to stop him. Both of them had a huge battle, and Malefor disappeared into the Underworld, and had banished the Super force to Earth.  Then he returns, and wants the super crystals. 

3DS: Kaos returns and wants the power of the ancients, and the Super Force had stopped him once. Now both of them returned, and the Super Force must stop him. 

Levels                                                                                                                                                                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Pickaville.

2. Pickachu Heaven docks. 

Eniemies and Bosses                                                                                                                                              ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here .


New CoreEdit

The Super force                                                                                                                                                 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rocksmasher ( Earth Power: Super Streanth) 

Telecow (Magic Power: Teleport)

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