Skylanders rampagers is the 5 skylanders game. It has rampagers when you press a button attached to the Rampager it shows it bigger, and its voice sonuds like a giant.



An new evil called "The Junklord " found a rampage crystal that gives the founder rampage power. He used it for evil, but the rampagers (That has rampage crystals for some body parts) stopped him. The Junklord caused a boulder crash that brought both of them to Earth. One day he returns, but the rampagers come with him. 


Malefor, and Kaos found the black box wich gives who has it Rampager power. Malefor, and Kaos decided to work together to rule Skylands. Now the rampagers must stop them.



Golden Knight Spyro

Star ninja Star strike

Potion biker Pop fiz

Fishy Bomber Gill Grunt

Whale armor Rip tide

Ice queen Chill

Flamethrower head Eruptor

Battle bike Fryno

Lave frisbee Hot dog

Golden mech Trigger Happy

3 bombhead Countdown

Iron fist Sprocket

Slicer Stealth Elf

Bee rider Bumble Blast

Missle Shroboom

Shocksheild Lightning rod

Pop pop Popthorn

Ready blast Jet Vac

Skull beast Hex

Razor blade Grim Creeper

Skull claws Fright Rider

Sting Lord Scorp

Mouthdrill Terrafin

Popup crystal Flashwing

New coreEdit

Magininja ( Magic)

Vorten ( Magic) 

Dinostorm ( Air)

Breeze ( Air)

Razorbladez ( Tech) 

Metodile (Tech) 

Rocksmashmen ( Earth)

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