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  1. Twilight Sparkle (javascript:;)
  2. Flare Wings Spyro (javascript:;)
  3. Raving Bottle Pop Fizz (javascript:;)
  4. Pinkie Pie (javascript:;)
  5. Vinyl Scratch (javascript:;)
  6. Golden Ninja Trigger Happy (javascript:;)
  7. Operation Overdrive Tread Head (javascript:;)
  8. Rainbow Dash (javascript:;)
  9. Bad Splash Gill Grunt (javascript:;)
  10. Eletric Zap (javascript:;)
  11. Apple Bloom (javascript:;)
  12. Hot Lava Eruptor (javascript:;)
  13. Fire Phoenix Sunburn (javascript:;)
  14. Sweetie Belle (javascript:;)
  15. Octavia Melody (javascript:;)
  16. Jet Wings Jet-Vac (javascript:;)
  17. Razor Sharp Blades (javascript:;)
  18. Rarity (javascript:;)
  19. Scootaloo (javascript:;)
  20. Double Punch Terrafin (javascript:;)
  21. Stomp and Chomp Slobber Tooth (javascript:;)
  22. Fluttershy (javascript:;)
  23. Applejack (javascript:;)
  24. Bad Slash Stealth Elf (javascript:;)
  25. Food Cannon Food Fight (javascript:;)
  26. Trixie Lulamoon (javascript:;)
  27. Ender Dragon Fright Rider (javascript:;)
  28. Love Bites Roller Brawl (javascript:;)
  29. Princess Celestia (javascript:;)
  30. Super Ring Spotlight (javascript:;)
  31. Vice Princess Luna (javascript:;)
  32. Blackhole Blackout (javascript:;)

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