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Skylanders:Speed End is new game by Ubisoft and Activision Edit Edit

Skylanders:Speed End
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|- | Developer(s) | Ubisoft |- | Publisher(s) | Activision |- | Platform(s) | Wii u,Xbox One,Pc |- | Genre(s) | Adventure |- | colspan="2" |Release Date(s) |- | colspan="2" | 2015 December 4 |- | colspan="2" |Mode(s) |- | colspan="2" | Fight Mode,Story Mode |- | colspan="2" |Rating(s) |- | colspan="2" | 13+ |}

Plot Edit Edit

Kaos is BACK AGAIN.But this time he hired Quillfire and the other doom raiders can the Skylanders want to defeat them.

Skylanders Edit Edit

Levels Edit Edit

  • Brown Village
  • Crystal Palace
  • Boom Track
  • Doom Race
  • Big Carnival
  • Creepy Ghost Town
  • Awesome Light House
  • The Nightmare Kitchen
  • The Silver Castle
  • A dark evil inside the Eaon mind
  • Telescope of the sun

Adventure Packs Edit Edit

  • Fire Eaon Castle

Supporting Characters Edit Edit



Cheese the chao







Clam-Tron 4000

Supporting Villains EditEdit

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