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"Capture Them All!"
—Skylanders: Villain Patrol's official tagline

Skylanders: Villain Patrol is a Toys-to-Life video game like Skylanders: Trap Team. It will include characters that I made up myself. It is the sequel to Skylanders: Fusion Force.

Plot Edit


Skylanders Edit

To be added. . .

Villains Edit

Air Edit

  • Tempest (Master of Doom)
  • Twister

Dark Edit

  • Nightmare (Master of Doom)
  • Shadow Walker

Earth Edit

  • Bull-Dozer (Master of Doom)
  • Golem

Fire Edit

  • Vulcan (Master of Doom)
  • Ash Attacker

Life Edit

  • Princess Ivy (Master of Doom)

Light Edit

  • Dr. Light (Master of Doom)

Love Edit

  • Heartless (Master of Doom)
  • Heartattack

Magic Edit

  • Wizardo (Master of Doom)

Tech Edit

  • Brain & Brawn (Master of Doom)

Time Edit

  • Kronos (Master of Doom)

Undead Edit

  • Lord Overkill (Master of Doom)

Water Edit

  • Captain Squidbeard (Master of Doom)

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