Skylanders: MixCore is a Fan Made game by Xx_Diictodon_xX that takes place after Skylanders: SWAP Force (it's a fan made 4th installment). It has a total of 60 skylanders (Not including variants).


Kaos and Hektore are both similar, but in different ways. Yes, they may both be the Skylanders top villains, but they have differences, big differences. Glumshanks set up the first meeting, and although it was awkward, they came up with one plan. As Hektore sets up distractions for your skylanders, Kaos is busy searching for the Crystal of Happiness. The Crystal of Happiness is the one and only thing that balances the light and dark forces. And that's when Frightbeard and Moneybone are involved. When all three unite, the world will most surely end, and there is nothing you or the skylanders can do to turn it back.


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Wow Pow AbilityEdit

Again, the series 4,3 and 2 are granted with Wow Pow abilities!

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Behold, the lost skylanders. The MixCore was the backup for the SWAP force when they went to the volcano on cloudbreak island, but, as you already know, it erupted, turning the SWAP force into the swappers, but, the MixCore were still caught in the blast, causing them to fuse together, turning them into the MixCore!


  • Captain Frightbeard
  • Hektore
  • Count Moneybone
  • Crystal of Darkness
  • Kaos

Multipart LevelsEdit

In this game, a new type of level is introduced, these are called multipart levels. These levels are split into two or more parts either because they are too long, or it just adds to great reviews. Sometimes

Elemental GatesEdit

Elemental gates are back. Like in the last game, most are one element while some are also two elements. The ones with two elements can only be unlocked with either two skylanders of the same elements in multiplayer, by a MixCore of the same elements, or by a SWAP Force skylander.

Co-op levelsEdit

There is another cool feature that is co-op levels, which you unlock when you finish level five, the level you get the charm of cooperation!


Starter PackEdit


The console starter pack holds the Portal of Power (The same from SWAP force), the Game, Soul Fire, Bumble Blast and Dancebot 3000


The dark starter pack is only for the console versions. It contains the PoP, the game and of course the dark figures, Planter, Seaweed, Cantaloop and Detritus.


The legendary starter pack is only for the console versions. It contains the PoP, the game and the legendary figures, Fright Rider, Daisy, Coal, Countdown and Diffusor.


The 3DS pack includes the miniature PoP, the game and two figures, Spread and Cynder, plus one of three figures; Diamond Whiplash, which is the rarest, Gold Chill, which isn't common, or Silver Whizzer, which is the most common.


The mobile pack includes the same figures as the console pack, Soul Fire, Bumble Blast and Dancebot 3000, along with the Bluetooth PoP

Single PacksEdit

There is a single pack for every skylander but;

  • Soul Fire
  • Bumble Blast
  • Dancebot 3000
  • Spread
  • Cynder
  • Rock Candy
  • Cloudonaut
  • Stealth Elf
  • Salt Water
  • Mer-Mabu
  • Flyin'
  • Cantaloop
  • Fang

Triple PacksEdit

There are six triple packs;

  • Pop Thorn, Whizzer and Hyrograph
  • Jet-Vac, Lollygag and Interpool
  • Daisy, Hot Dog and Fright Rider
  • Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy
  • Chill, Bash and Tammy Wind
  • Sub-Marine, Scar and Whiplash

Adventure PacksEdit

There will be four adventure packs this game, each including one skylander, two items and a level.

Battle PacksEdit

There will be two battle packs in this game;

  • Melon Launcher - Stealth Elf & Salt Water
  • Cyclops Scissors - Mer-Mabu & Flyin'


Regular LevelsEdit

List of levels:

  • Level One: Eruption
  • Level Two: The Knights' Castle
  • Level Three: Finding Gilmore
  • Level Four: Atlantis
  • Level Five: Pirate Town
  • Level Six: The Mines Part One
  • Level Seven: The Mines Part Two
  • Level Eight: Desert Hilligan
  • Level Nine: The Crypt
  • Level Ten: King Beau
  • Level Eleven: Trapped Town
  • Level Twelve: Octavius' Room
  • Level Thirteen: Zombie Nation
  • Level Fourteen: Snowball Fight
  • Level Fifteen: Attack on Woodburrow Part One
  • Level Sixteen: Glacier Pass
  • Level Seventeen: Caverns of Count Moneybone Part One
  • Level Eighteen: Attack on Woodburrow Part Two
  • Level Nineteen: Caverns of Count Moneybone Part Two
  • Level Twenty: The Leveler
  • Level Twenty-One: Team-up
  • Level Twenty-Two: In the Depth
  • Level Twenty-Three: Overload
  • Level Twenty-Four: Crystal of Darkness
  • Level Twenty-Five: Escape
  • Level Twenty-Six: Counterattack

Co-op levelsEdit

Co-op levels are levels that follow a completely different story, but must be played with two players, for the levels are otherwise impossible.

List of Co-op levels:

  • Level 1: Villain School
  • Level 2: The Gifted
  • Level 3: Under Siege
  • Level 4: Hunting Dreadbeard
  • Level 5: Ogre, Ogre
  • Level 6: Troll Factory
  • Level 7: Home, Strange Home
  • Level 8: Saving Cali
  • Level 9: Lost Arkeyan
  • Level 10: Villain League

Adventure Pack LevelsEdit

  • Level 1: Sungrove Valley - Cantaloop, Golden Coin, Helicopter
  • Level 2: Cloud's Castle - Cloudonaut, Torch, Shard of Glass
  • Level 3: Cobweb Caverns - Rock Candy, Boulder, Acid Puddle
  • Level 4: Vampire Cove - Fang, Backpack, Rubik Cube

Magic ItemsEdit

Golden CoinEdit

This item gives you ten coins for every hit you make on an enemy.


This item grants flight to any skylander on the PoP.


This item can be used as a weapon, or to help illuminate dark areas.

Shard of GlassEdit

This item when placed on the PoP will rain down shards of glass in the game.


This item spawns a large boulder in the game which you can use to kill enemies.

Acid PuddleEdit

This item when placed on the PoP makes it rain acid in the game, slowly killing any of your enemies in front of you.


This item when placed on the portal of power slowly heals you and increases damage you inflict.

Rubik CubeEdit

This item immediately solves the next puzzle in the game.


Each skylander is released in waves, normally, there are 4-6 waves per game.

Wave 1Edit

Wave one includes;

  • Console Starter Pack
    • Soul Fire
    • Honey Galore Bumble Blast
    • Dancebot 3000
  • Legendary Starter Pack
    • Legendary Fright Rider
    • Legendary Daisy
    • Legendary Coal
    • Legendary Countdown
    • Legendary Diffusor
  • Dark Starter Pack (Planter, Seaweed, Daisy, Detritus)
    • Dark Planter
    • Dark Seaweed
    • Dark Daisy
    • Dark Detritus
  • 3DS Starter Pack
    • Spread
    • Ghostly Cynder
      • Diamond Whiplash
      • Gold Chill
      • Silver Whizzer
  • Cobweb Caverns
    • Rock Candy
    • Boulder
    • Acid Puddle
  • Cloud's Castle
    • Cloudonaut
    • Torch
    • Shard of Glass
  • Triple Pack #1
    • Spiky Pop Thorn
    • Whizzer
    • Hyrograph
  • Triple Pack #2
    • Hyper Jet-Vac
    • Lollygag
    • Interpool
  • Hyper Jet-Vac
  • Fire Queen Smolderdash
  • Interpool
  • Blobby
  • Lollygag
  • Spiky Pop Thorn
  • TNT Countdown
  • Whizzer
  • Hyrograph
  • Rock Golem
  • Mudder
  • Dusty
  • Ghost
  • Crunch
  • Forest Fire

Wave 2Edit

Wave two includes;

  • Melon Launcher
    • Assassin Stealth Elf
    • Salt Water
  • Triple Pack #3
    • Daisy
    • Bone Buddy Hot Dog
    • Double Spear Fright Rider
  • Bone Buddy Hot Dog
  • Double Spear Fright Rider
  • Mega Tech Trigger Happy
  • Daisy
  • Super Hungry Slobber Tooth
  • Ruin
  • Malfunction
  • Misty
  • Meadow

Wave 3Edit

  • Cyclops Scissors
    • Mer-Mabu
    • Flyin'
  • Lava
  • Wind
  • Stale
  • Seaweed
  • Gritty

Wave 4Edit

  • Sungrove Valley
    • Cantaloop
    • Golden Coin
    • Helicopter
  • Triple Pack #4
    • Golden Winged Spyto
    • Ubber Landlubber Gill Grunt
    • Mega Tech Trigger Happy
  • Ubber Landlubber Gill Grunt
  • Golden Winged Spyro
  • Airborne
  • Coal
  • Planter
  • Robot

Wave 5Edit

  • Vampire Cove
    • Fang
    • Backpack
    • Rubik Cube
  • Sub-Marine
  • Sticky Pop Fizz
  • Cavern
  • Detritus
  • Diffusor
  • Explosion

Wave 6Edit

  • Triple Pack #5
    • Flurry Chill
    • Double Mace Bash
    • Tammy Wind
  • Triple Pack #6
    • Sub-Marine
    • Scar
    • Whiplash
  • Whiplash
  • Tammy Wind
  • Scar
  • Flurry Chill
  • Double Mace Bash
  • Wavy
Ghost, Robot, Wavy, Planter, Soul Fire, Wind, Rock Golem, Ruin, Salt Water, Detritus, Coal, Stale, Cavern, Malfunction, Crunch, Explosion, Flyin', Gritty, Seaweed, Diffusor, Misty, Mudder, Forest Fire, Airborne, Meadow, Spread, Lava, Dusty





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