Wow Pows are special powers for reposed Skylanders. They're locked until the respective Wow Gem is obtained by defeating a certain boss.

List of Wow PowsEdit

  • Gift of Life for Sonic Boom (Must defeat Wizard Punk in Mountaintop Roost)
  • Winning Team for Roller Brawl (Must defeat Brock's Mega-Drowbot in Drow Airfield)
  • Diamond Dinosaur for Dino-Rang (Must defeat Doomerang in Boomerang Temple)
  • Dragon Slayer for Ignitor (Must defeat Tricksterette in Dragon Road)
  • Dragonfire Cannon for Torch (Must defeat Dragon Lord in Mount Dragonbreath)
  • Anchor Slam for Gill Grunt (Must defeat Captain Sharktooth in Misty Cloud Lagoon)
  • Master Machine for Sprocket (Must defeat Foreman Rentch in Wicked Workshop)
  • Lost Moves for Stealth Elf (Must defeat Jack Lumber in Ninja Forest)
  • Narwhal Army for Chill (Must defeat Jumboclops in Cyclops Castle)
  • Golden Knight for Spyro (Must defeat Shadow Knight in Skinor Castle)
  • Onion Soldier for Food Fight (Must defeat Time Spider in Gateways of Time)
  • Mass Potion for Pop Fizz (Must defeat Magiclops in Xinor Docks)
  • Smoke Screen for Drill Sergeant (Must defeat Drill Dragon in Earthquake Quarry)
  • Ultimate Chef for Ghost Roaster (Must defeat Fear Master in Fear Volcano)
  • Tech Shield for Trigger Happy (Must defeat Mythical Powered Kaos in Myth Caverns)


  • Gift of Life: Have only one baby that doesn't grow, but the baby lives forever.
  • Winning Team: Call in a teammate to attack in tandem.
  • Golden Knight: Gives Spyro armor, and lets him shoot an unstoppable golden beam.
  • Onion Soldier: Give Food Fight a explosive onion.
  • Mass Potion: Spreads the potion to the other Skylander to mutate it.
  • Anchor Slam: After forming the anchor, press attack 2 to slam it.
  • Dragon Slayer: Hold attack 2 to transform into a massive fiery gladiator.
  • Dragonfire Cannon: Rapidly press attack 1 to shoot a large fireball.
  • Master Machine: Hold attack 2 to build a giant robot.
  • Lost Moves: Press 1, 1, Hold 2 for Elf Army. Press 1, 1, Hold 3 for Blade Boomerang
  • Narwhal Army: While charging the narwhal attack, press attack 2 to make several narwhals pop out of the ground.
  • Smoke Screen: While dashing, press attack 1 to leave a damaging smoke cloud.
  • Ultimate Chef: While dashing press 3 for a Powerful smash
  • Tech Shield: Hold 2 to make a shield that can kill and protect you from enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The bosses were originally going to be optional

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