Enemies and bosses in Skylanders: Legends.


  • Drowbot Lancer: A robot that looks like a Drow Lancemaster
  • Drowbot Archer: A robot that looks like a Drow Archer
  • Goliath Drowbot: A robot that looks like a Goliath Drow
  • Mohawk Cyclops: A Cyclops that has a axe
  • Bomber Cyclops: A Cyclops that throws bombs
  • Mega Cyclops: A big Cyclops
  • Chompy: A plant creature
  • Chompy Pod: A pod that creates Chompies
  • Armored Chompy: A Chompy with armor
  • Fear Chompy: A Chompy exposed to fear mutagen
  • Fear Cyclops: A Cyclops that got exposed to fear mutagen
  • Fear cloud: A cloud made of fear
  • Drill bot: A robot drill
  • Dragon Soldier: A dragon with a sword
  • Armored Dragon Soldier: A armored one
  • Dragon Bomber: A dragon soldier with bombs
  • Giant Drill bot: A bigger drill bot
  • Flying Drill bot: A drill bot that flies

Bosses Edit

  • Wizard Punk: The leader of the spell punks
  • Brock: A goliath drow
  • Mega-Drowbot: An extremely large Drowbot
  • Doomerang: The guardian of the twin diamond boomerangs
  • Ticksterette: A witch
  • Dragon Lord: A dragon king
  • Foreman Rentch: An elf foreman
  • Jack Lumber: An elf lumberjack
  • Jumboclops: A very large cyclops who is Pipsqueak's uncle
  • Shadow Knight: An evil knight of doom
  • Time Spider: Evil ruler of the Gateways of Time
  • Magiclops: A elder Magic Cyclops
  • Drill Dragon: A cybernetic drill dragon
  • Fear Master: A giant fear cloud that can master fear
  • Mythical Powered Kaos: Kaos powered with Mythtaniom
  • Anarky

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