"Unleash the Power of Your Imagination!"
—Skylanders: Imaginists' official tagline

Skylanders: Imaginists is a Toys-to-Life video game like Skylanders: Imaginators and will have Sensei Skylanders that I made up myself and other Sensei Skylanders as well. It is the sequel to Skylanders: Racers.

Plot Edit

Kaos' father, the Master, has come out of his hidding from the Outlands and plans to bring back the Darkness and use its power to destroy all of Skylands. Now it's up to you and a new team of Skylanders called the Senseis to stop Kaos's father and the Darkness before all of Skylands is lost!

Skylanders Edit

Air Edit

  • Aero (Bowslinger)
  • Weather Wizard (Sorcerer)
  • Bad Juju (Swashbuckler)
  • Threatpack (Quickshot)
  • Cloud Crusher Kirby (Smasher)

Dark Edit

  • Luna (Swashbuckler)
  • Knight Fright (Knight)
  • Nightshade (Ninja)
  • Hood Sickle (Sentinel)
  • Dark Blade Meta Knight (Knight)

Earth Edit

  • Vike-King (Smasher)
  • Avalanche (Bazooker)
  • Golden Queen (Sorcerer)
  • Brawl & Chain (Swashbuckler)
  • Ground Breaker Wario (Brawler)

Fire Edit

  • Vulcan (Brawler)
  • Flara (Quickshot)
  • Chef Pepper Jack (Bazooker)
  • Tae Kwon Crow (Ninja)
  • Fire Flare Mario (Smasher)

Life Edit

  • Root Ranger (Ninja)
  • Fruit Punch (Brawler)
  • Chompy Mage (Smasher)
  • Broccoli Guy (Sorcerer)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Brawler)
  • Egg Blast Yoshi (Bazooker)

Light Edit

  • Angela (Sentinel)
  • Luce (Bowslinger)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Brawler)
  • Luminous (Knight)
  • Lob Goblin (Bazooker)
  • Holy Bow Pit (Bowslinger)

Magic Edit

  • Wizardo (Sorcerer)
  • Magicat (Ninja)
  • Ripto (Brawler)
  • Spyro (Sorcerer)
  • Pain-Yatta (Smasher)
  • Wizard Toad (Sorcerer)

Tech Edit

  • Sir Lancebot (Knight)
  • Elec-Tron (Sentinel)
  • Dr. Krankcase (Quickshot)
  • Blaster-Tron (Knight)
  • Full Blast Samus (Quickshot)

Undead Edit

  • Dead Shot (Quickshot)
  • Axecutioner (Smasher)
  • Wolfgang (Bowslinger)
  • Grave Clobber (Brawler)
  • Poltergeist Luigi (Sentinel)

Water Edit

  • Thalassa (Bazooker)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Ninja)
  • Squidbeard (Swashbuckler)
  • The Gulper (Sentinel)
  • Chill Bill (Bowslinger)
  • Ice Breaker Ice Climbers (Swashbuckler)