"Go Beyond the Elements!"
—Skylanders: Hybrids official tagline

Skylanders: Hybrids is a Toys-to-Life Skylanders video game where there are Skylanders of two elements.

Plot Edit


Characters Edit

  • Hydro-Tron (Tech + Water)
  • Graviton (Magic + Air)
  • Heartburn (Love + Fire)
  • Blueflare (Fire + Undead)
  • Eclipse (Light + Dark)
  • Solar (Light + Tech)
  • Vulcan (Fire + Earth)
  • Volcannon (Fire + Tech)
  • Clockwork (Time + Tech)
  • Daisy (Life + Love)
  • Dozer (Tech + Earth)
  • Steamer (Fire + Water)
  • Toxin (Water + Undead)

More to be added. . .

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