Skylanders: Heroes United Edit

Skylanders: Heroes United (also known as Skylanders: Heroes United Together) is a series of fanfictions similar to Skylanders: Elements Of Prophecy, a series of fanfictions made by RayClaus. However, this is owned by me and only me. Most Skylanders of the original series will take part in this series including new ones which have been assinged to do protect Skylanders by var ious Portal Masters and Eon.

Plot Edit

The series revolves around all heroes of Skylands uniting as one to defeat an enemy much more worse than Kaos, the evil Akylander versions being controlled by Voldor, a dark God who is an Eevil Portal Master and the evil brother of Eon. The Skylanders must battle the army of Darkness, then face the evilized versions of themselves and then the dark God himself, Voldor. However, it seems much more harder than they thought as Valdor seems to have the power of Darkness, and is using it to destroy the Skylanders' main source of energy, the Core Of Light.

Main Characters Edit

There will be more characters introduced later on once I do the fanfictions. These main characters are both the Skylanders and main Portal Masters. The Portal Masters are also able to fight, having the ability to summon the Skylanders' abilities and use it as their own through a unknown gem. The main characters might die (yup, dying is included in here) although might be risen to life again (yay, this is like DBZ! Quickly, gather all the dragon balls nah i'm just kidding :P). The main characters may not be likeable but you need to deal with it. Also, I will take suggestions for Portal Masters and Skylanders so please do comment and give suggestions!

Main Portal Masters Edit


Main Skylanders Edit


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