Skylanders: Fusion Force is a Toys-to-Life video game like Skylanders: SWAP Force. It will include characters that I made up myself that can fuse with other members of the Fusion Force.

Fusion Zones Edit

  • Bounce: Bounce on multiple balloons with Kaos faces on them to pop.
  • Climb: Climb to the top of giant walls for a prize, without being defeated.
  • Drill: Drill through the mines of Skylands in search of treasure.
  • Flight: Fly around the skies of Skylands, doging various obstacles.
  • Rocket: Race through the sky to the finish line.
  • Sneak: Go undetected while trying to escape from giant cameras.
  • Speed: Race to the finish of a track without being defeated.
  • Spin: Spin around to activate many windmills.
  • Stomp: Stomp through the floor of Skylands to destroy various obstacles.
  • Teportation: Teleport yourself to various places to avoid falling into an abyss.

Characters Edit

Air Edit

  • Thunder Shock (Teleportation)
  • Wind Spring (Bounce)
  • Cloud Crusher Kirby

Dark Edit

  • Dream Crusher (Stomp)
  • Shadow Traveler (Teleportation)
  • Sly Cooper (Sneak)
  • Darkest Meta Knight
  • Skunk

Earth Edit

Fire Edit

  • Speed Demon (Speed)
  • Molten Dragon (Bounce)
  • Fireflare Mario
  • Hula Loop

Life Edit

  • Trick Shot (Speed)
  • Vine Cut (Climb)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Spin)
  • Egg Blast Yoshi

Light Edit

  • Holy Angel (Flight)
  • Starlight Racer (Rocket)
  • Holy Blade Pit

Magic Edit

  • Gravity Shift (Climb)
  • Cobra Charmer (Sneak)
  • Wizard Toad

Tech Edit

  • Rocket Pulse (Rocket)
  • Cyclone Bot (Spin)
  • Electric Pikachu

Undead Edit

  • Grave Digger (Drill)
  • Wicked Witch (Flight)
  • Poultergeust Luigi

Water Edit

  • Whale Pool (Spin)
  • Octo Spy (Sneak)
  • Iceberg Crusher Ice Climbers

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