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Some Skylanders
Some of the Skylanders. Note: The shown Skylanders in this image represent each Eternal Source that powers the Core of Light.
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Skylanders are heroes and heroines who protect Skylands, and the Elemental Solar System. They are made up of all sorts of creatures, most of them from Skylands. They are led by Portal Masters, and enjoy protecting their home. They try their best to defeat all evil, and defend the good. They are well known throughout the ESS, and even Earth. The leader of the Skylanders is Spyro, a rare purple dragon who is able to control all the Elements, but he prefers to master Fire and Magic.

History Edit

The Skylanders were a established military, a couple years after the Arkeyans were defeated. The Skylanders were originally a militia, led by several generals (Portal Masters). The Skylanders started off with about 100 members, but after a year, grew to 6,000 members. This large military was first feared by the citizens of Skylands, but they soon came to like the Skylanders. After a couple of years the Skylanders transformed from a military, to a large group of heroes and heroines. There were also now several Portal Masters.

In 10 AD the Skylanders had slowly shrunk to just a small group of unknown creatures. Some documents have been unearthed about these ancient Skylanders, saying that some were Giants. These certain Skylanders were known as the Elder Elementals (not verified), large creatures who possessed the power of light and darkness in their flesh. This is evidence that the Elder Elementals could have been Electric and Dark Skylanders. But no solid proof has been found yet.

List of Skylanders Edit

A list of Skylanders can be found here.

Trivia Edit

  • Spyro is one of the most powerful, and skilled Skylanders out there.
  • Each Skylander has their own catchphrase. For instance Trigger Happy's is "No Gold, no Glory!". Some Skylanders, however, speak gibberish when shouting their catchphrase.
    • This annoys some people, when a Skylander appears and shouts "Gefhijfisdjfifdofjihfihvfvsdki!!".

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