"Sea the High Voltage!"
—Shockclopse's official catchphrase

Shockclopse is a dual type Water and Electric Skylander.


Shockclopse was cyclops scuba diver. One day, he found a chest full of shocks and water stuff. He picked it up, and he gained the power of electricity. His rope became a high voltage line. When he throws the chest, tt sends shocking water waves at anyone near it and returns. One day, a big orge challenged him. He won the battle and became a Skylander.


Starting AttacksEdit

  • High Voltage: He swings his high voltage line. 
  • Shock Wave Chest: He throws his chest at enemies. 

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Double Shocker: Makes his high voltage line have no ends. 
  • Sea Charge: Charges at enemies.
  • Three in the Sea: Throw three chests at once.

Voltage of Fame (Upgrades his high voltage line)Edit

  • Shock More: Adds more damage to enemies.
  • High Voltage Lasso: Turns his line into a lasso that grabs and shocks enemies.
  • Boom a Voltage: Turns his line into a boomerang that hits all enemies in front of him.

Sea my Skills (Upgrades his chest, and charge abilities)Edit

  • Big Boom: His chest explodes.
  • Big Spiral Charge: Makes his electric charge into a big spiral.
  • Big Chest: Makes one big chest.

Soul GemEdit

  • High Voltage Cruiser: Makes a cruiser that makes his attacks more powerful.


The War of SkylandsEdit

He leads the Skylands freedom army against Malefor and his hypnotized Skylanders. 

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