Shock Clock is a Clockman also a tech element skyland in Sidekick Swarm Skylanders Sidekick Swarm . And his saying is Time after time.


He was one of the keepers of time. Then one day Kaos, and his goons entered Time Gorge. They tried to steal the amulet of time, but Shock Clock stopped them. Eon was watching, and turned him into a skylander. 


Basic attacks                     

Time chucks-  Press attack 1 and he waves his Time Chucks at foes.                  

Time freeze- Press attack 2 to freeze enemys. 

Basic Upgrades

Pointy chucks- Time Chucks get pointy. Cost: 400. 

12:00 smash- Press attack 3 to make a smash, and shows 12:00.  Cost- 800

Freeze and Shock- Shocks enemys during Time Freeze. Cost: 1,000. 

Freeze Expert: Helps Shock Clock with his Time Freeze.

Longer freeze- Makes Time Freeze longer. Cost- 1,200. 

Freezing Curse- Adds instant damage to Time Freeze. Cost- 1,500.

Freeze' n roll- Makes boulders roll meanwhile Time Freeze. Cost- 2,000.  

Time Expert: Helps Shock Clock with 12:00 dash, and Time Chucks. 

12:00 quake- Cause an Earthquake meanwhile doing 12:00 smash. Cost- Same as Longer Freeze. 

Double chuck- Adds two Time chucks on each hand. Cost- Same as Freezing Curse. 

Golden Chucks- Makes them golden causing more  damage. Cost- Same as Freeze'n roll. 

Soul gem Only in Broken rally. 

Grandfarther attack- Hold attack 1 to cause a big grandfarther clock attack. Cost- 4,000.

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