"Scrap it Up!"
—Scrapo's official catchphrase

Scrapo is a scorpion Chimera "Skylander" of the Earth Element. He is one of Portal Master Lucas' "Skylanders". He is rivals with Ultimate Chimera, and Almost Mecha-Lion. He is friends with Darkhowl, and Cactus Wolf.


Scrapo was once a healer, healing injured Skylanders, and sick villagers. One day he touched a poisonous Flower, and started to die. Then, Lucas came, and he put the flower's poison in his tail, and turned him into a evil Chimera. Then he joined Lucas's "Skylanders".


He looks like a scorpion with powerful armor on, and has a powerful claw arm.


  • Scrapo's real name is Scrapion Clawsworth. He hates that name. 
  • He loves Phazon Flakes.

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