"Call of the Wild"
—Sasquash's official catchphrase

 Sasquash is the tentative name for a new life skylander.


Long ago, deep in the forests, Sasquash was a expert tracker and hunter living among the mabu, who had recently been saved from The Arkeyan Conquerton by the Skylanders. He used his unmatched skills to find missing mabu. However, one day the Arkeyans came back and captured Sasquash in an attempt to use his skills to find an mystic artificat that would make them unstoppable. Sasquash knew this and tricked them, as a result the Arkeyans trapped him in a magic fruit. 9,999 years later, Camo, while investigating the claim that the fruit that grows in the same exact forest is hotter and spicier than his, picked that exact fruit, freeing Sasquash from his nutritious prison. Sasquash came back with Camo and after he proved to Master Eon that he is good at tracking as people say he is by showing him that he could find Stealth Elf, Stink Bomb and Trap Shadow even when they were invisible, he became a Skylander.


In battle Sasquash can whack enemies with a wooden bo staff or ensnare them with vines.

Attacks and UpgradesEdit

Starting Powers

  • Bo Staff: Hit enemies with wooden staff and preform combos
  • Vine Whip: Slap enemies with vines

Basic Upgrades

  • Homing Whip: Vines now home in on enemies
  • Vaulting Kick: Pole vault feet first at enemies
  • Tenured Staff: Do more damage with a longer staff
  • Vine Grapple: Vines can now grab enemies

Staff Meeting - Further upgrade the staff

  • Staff Combos: Attack 1 + Attack 1 + Attack 2 for Boomerang Staff; Attack 1 + Attack 1 + Attack 3 for Flag Staff
  • Redwood Staff: Do maximum damage with the longest staff ever seen
  • Staffed Out: Hit enemies with two staffs

Gardener - Further upgrade the vine

  • Leech Vine: Regain health by hitting enemies with vines
  • Mega Vine: Vines are the longest they get
  • Triple Vine: Spawn three vines at once

Soul Gem

  • Seed of Death: Defeating enemies with the staff spawns self-controlling vines.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Call of the wild"
  • "Born to be wild"
  • "Vine by me" - When given a nickname
  • "Pretty vine" - When putting on a hat
  • "Feeling vine" - When restoring health
  • "Is that vine with you"


  • His species is Wildman
  • He speaks with an accent that is supposed to make him sound mesoamerican or native american
    • Prototypes had other accents including:
      • Canadian
      • Nepalese
      • Chinese
      • Australian
      • Indian
      • Japanese
      • Malaysian
      • Indonesian

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