"Destroy, Destroy"
—Ridley Robot's official catchphrase

Ridley Robot is a Dark/Tech dual type "Skylander", and belongs to Portal Master Lucas. He is friends with Imango. He is upgraded from his original self. He is rivals with Ridley.


Ridley Robot wanted some adventure. He found a portal of power, and he landed in a Junkyard.  The owner destroyed him, and sold his parts. Then Lucas bought all of his scaps, and some extras. He upgraded him so he can fly, can walk on 4 legs, and can breathe fire.


He looks like his original self, but he has wings, legs, and blue paint on him.

Appearances Edit

Elements of Phazon Edit

He appears in Da Deep Element Part 1. He went out of the super smash bros universe into Lucas's hideout AKA Gear Islands. Soon he, Lucas, and Stylo had a talk about Da Deep element. Soon he, and Stylo attacked Claus to get the timeline reviever.Soon they teleported to an alternate universe.

Quotes Edit

Skylanders EoP Edit

"Wheres the timeline reviever," When he, and Stylo attacked Claus Da Deep Element Part 1.

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