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"Shake it Up!"
—Quake Maker's official catchphrase.
Quake Maker








Skylanders: Fusion Squad

English Voice Actor:

Kevin Michael Richardson

Quake Maker is a new character released alongside Skylanders: Fusion Squad. He is a Fusion Squad Skylander of the Earth element. His Fusion Squad ability is Smashing.



Quake Maker was born with extreme strength, giving him abilities such as creating canyons by stomping his feet and pulling entire islands without breaking a sweat. This has lead to him being a bit of a show-off. However, the fun and games ended when he nearly destroyed a Mabu village, leading him to go into hiding in the mountains. He discovered a magical harness that reduced his strength to a fraction when he wore it while in the mountains, and decided to put it on for everyone's safety. He later helped clean up the mess he made of the village, and earned a role among the Skylanders.


  • Quake Maker's voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, has also voiced many other characters, such as Gantu from Lilo & Stitch, Maurice from Madagascar, and many others.

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