"Hello brother."
—Lucas when he met Claus again.

Lucas is a evil Portal Master that is an weird Chimera that Porky made before he died. He is the brother of Claus, and has a new suit like his brother. He has three "Skylanders" to rival Claus' Skylanders. He lives in The Drago Pit. He is number 1 for Top 10 Villains.


After the events of Mother 3, Lucas tried to find his brother. He found a Portal of Power, and teleported to Skylands, and found Porky's house. Porky found him, and turned him into an evil chimera with a cool red knight-like suit. He gained a laser arm, and his suit gave him spells that the Arkeyans don't know about. Then, he saw Skylanders, and he wanted some. He found an badly injured scorpion, Ridley robot scraps, and an evil samoraut. He turned the scorpion into a fiecre, evil, cold hearted Chimera, he upgraded Ridley Robot, and he mutated the samoruat. 



  • He is like his brother a bit, like how they both are book publishers. 
  • His First book was the Top 10 Villains.
    • He is the author, so he choose himself as number 1.
  • He is working on the Turtle Tumble Movie for Porky. 
  • He likes Turtle Tumble.


Skylanders EoP 

He appears as the main antagonist from Da Deep Element part one. He wants his "Skylander" Ridley Robot, and Stylo go and revive the Elements Chaos, Evil, Master, and Ultima, so he can form the Deep Element. Also he started taking control of Skylands, starting with Almost Mecha-Lion, Flashwing, and Sunburn.


Skylanders EoP

"Think about it dragon. I can give you anything in the world for your loyalty. Gorillaz stuff, lamb, Wings of fire books, magical powers, knowledge, more books, ANYTHING YOU WANT!"
—When Lucas wanted Spyro to join him, Da Deep Element part one.
Skylanders: Elements of Phazon

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