"You can't beat me"
—Portal Master Evil when Portal Master Sackboy challenged him to fight.

Portal Master Evil is an evil Portal Master who has three "Skylanders" to rival Portal Master Sackboy. He is a Robotic Imp. He is friends with Portal Master Porky. 

Skylanders Edit

Backstory Edit

He was once an imp, then an major injury happened. Porky made him an robotic imp. He then wanted Skylanders. He saw Cactus Wolf, Imago, and an rampaging Dark Charizard. He brainwashed Cactus Wolf, and Imago. He gave the Dark Charizard gear.


Porky ProblemsEdit

Evil is mentioned when Ridley is looking through Porky's computer. He appears to be friends with Porky and he took a selfie with him and Sparky.

Skylanders Portal Master Legends Edit

Evil is the main antagonist of the first story, The Twisted gear. He was the one who pulled it out, and gotten its power along with Porky.

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