Mechn Roll is an Arkeyan that was Drill Sergeant's maker and Bash's best friend. One day, Mechn Roll, Bash, and Drill Sergeant stumbled upon Master Eon. Then they went along. A few weeks later, Drill Sergeant and Bash were made Skylanders. Mechn Roll also wanted to be a Skylander, but wasn't ready. So he trained amazing powers like Rolling over enemies, and shooting Gears at Targets, also Creating a giant Hologramic version of himself, that will rampage through anything evil. By the time he was fully trained, Kaos had been turned good by the Skylanders. Great. Now Mechn Roll would never become a Skylander. Until the next year, Malefor had returned from the Underworld. Mechn Roll jumped into action and fought Malefor until he retreated. Master Eon heard of this and instantly made Mechn Roll a Skylander. And to this day on, Mechn Roll fights Malefor with his ol' pals, Drill Sergeant and Bash. Catchphrase: "Gotta' Roll With Me Here!"

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