Note: Don't add anything related to the 20l2 Max, who was deleted.

"I am the Mightyna king!"
—Max when Firey Challenged him.

Max is an evil Mightyna wizard who was the ruler of Pokémon Mountain. He is rivals with Firey. He can channel powerful magic. He lives in the Doom Void.


Once he was a baby Poochena raised by a evil Mewtwo. The Mewtwo gave Max strong powers, and taught him the ways of evil. Later, when he grew up, he killed the rulers of Pokémon Mountain, including Firey's parents, and took control of the mountain. Soon, Firey took back his rightful place, and banished him to the Doom Void. He bounds to return one day.


Max has two appearances, his normal form, and his dark magic form. In his normal form, he looks like a normal Mightyna with dark steel armor, and a wizard hat. When in his dark magic form, he looks, like a big black armoura, with big red eyes.


Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy

Max is set to appear in a flashback in Da Deep Element part two, where the scene where he kills Firey's parents is depicted.


"Agh, this path is so stiff, just, a few more steps, and I'll be in..."

The evil Mightyena, Max, slowly made his way on the path that spiraled around the Pokémon Mountain, going higher and higher to the top of the volcano, where the entrance lied. Max wore a wizard hat, and large, dark steel armor, which he wore to protect himself from the hot lava that would occasionally splash on him from the volcano.

Hanging from his armor, was a small brown bag, that seemed to glow a faint red aura. Max turned and made his way to the very top of the volcano. He panted as he stared deep into the large hole at the top of the volcano, lava slowly dripping out. Max levitated the bag in the air with his magic and slowly opened it. Inside, was an amulet, with a pendent of a black alicorn on it, in the middle, was a diamond-shaped red gem.

"The Alicorn Amulet..." Max muttered.

"The key to awakening the Last Alicorn..."

Max held the amulet in his paw, right above the hole of the volcano, before hearing a flap of wings behind him. He turned, and saw two large Charizards flying above him, one being a shiny Charizard. The shiny one was a female, and looked at Max with two, rage-filled eyes.

"What are you doing here!?" she spat.

Max yelped and quickly threw the amulet into the volcano. It sank into the lava, and the two Charizards roared. The other Charizard shouted at Max.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" he roared.

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