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The Lunar Empire are a band of Water Skylanders who had used to fight against the Solar Empire. Their base is located in Willow Woods and is known as the Waterfall Mountain.


The war between the Lunar and Solar Empires had lasted for three years, until finally coming to an end in 2013, Tundra and her Lunar Empire friends had defeated each one of the Solar Empire, including Torch, after they had won, they had a party at the Waterfall Mountain, in which they invited all the members of the Lunar Empire, including Spyro, Flashwing, Smile Dog and Whirlwind, the only one of Spyro's friends that were left out was Sunburn, who was recovering from the Solar Empire's defeat. Coincidentally, the party was on June 1st, which is also Torch's birthday. Torch came over to the Waterfall Mountain in the middle of the party, Tundra, Spyro, and his friends tried to kick him out, but Torch told them that he had finally realized that the Lunar and Solar empires shouldn't be fighting, simply because the Fire and Water Elements are equal, there is no better Element. All the Elements of Skylands are needed in order to keep the Darkness away and have peace and harmony, if one of the Elements is gone, then it causes danger, and leaves Skylands vulnerable to the effects of Darkness, Torch explained, Tundra then realized that Torch was right, and so she apologized for everything she had done to Torch, as he apologized as well. From that day on, the Lunar and Solar Empires would become allies, Tundra is now friends with Torch, and Spyro and his friends had also reunited their friendship with him as well.

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