"No More Mr. Ness Guy!"
—Lochsmith's official catchphrase

 Lochsmith is the tentative name for a new water skylander.




Lochsmith is a blue water dragon with green webbing on his feet and a thick tail.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • "No more Mr. Ness Guy"
  • "Loch it or not"
  • "I loch it" - When checking stats
  • "Lochs good" - When putting on a hat


  • He speaks with a scottish accent
  • His official catchphrase is a play on both the phrase "No more Mr. Nice Guy" and The Loch Ness Monster, whom he is based upon.
  • Despite his tentative name, he has nothing to do with locks nor is he a locksmith. It's just really hard to think of a good name that's a pun on either lochs or Nessie.
  • A loch is what they call a lake in Scotland

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