"Shock to the System!"
—Live Wire's official catchphrase.
Live Wire






Programmed as male


Skylanders: Fusion Squad

English Voice Actor:

Dee Bradley Baker

Live Wire is a new character released alongside Skylanders: Fusion Squad. He is a Fusion Squad Skylander of the Tech element, and his Fusion Squad ability is Hacking.



One day, a Mabu scientist was searching through an old Arkeyan graveyard, when he came across a rare and never-before-seen crystal, which the scientist named "Mabumite". The scientist decided to test the crystal by using it as the energy source for a robot he named Live Wire. Unfortunately for him, the crystal's energy also made Live Wire self aware, and he refused to follow his instructions. That is until a band of Greeble pirates arrived to get the Mabumite for themselves. Live Wire managed to fight off the pirate invaders. When Master Eon heard of this, he convinced the scientist to let Live Wire join the Skylanders.

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