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Skylanders: Imaginists

Theme Song:

Kaos Theme Song

English Voice Actor:

Richard Steven Horvitz

"All Shall Fear the Wrath of KAOS!"
—Kaos' offical catchphrase

Kaos is a Portal Master Sensei of the Kaos element in Skylanders: Imaginists. He is included in the Nightmare Realm expansion pack.

Origin Edit

For the longest time, Kaos has been the main threat to all of Skylands, until he realized that the Darkness was only using him. Kaos than later came to the Skylanders Academy in search of a way to fight off the growing Darkness now under the control of his father. Master Eon then recruited Kaos as a Sensei of the Portal Master class.

Quotes Edit

"All Shall Fear the Wrath of KAOS!"
—Kaos' official catchphrase
"Prepare to fail, folls!"
—When in battle
"My awesome head is back! FEAR IT! FEAR MY GIANT FLOATING HEAD!"
—When transforming into his Doom Head form
"What springy sorcery is this?"
—When using a bounce pad
"Swim my pretty Doom Sharks!"
—When performing his Doom Shark attack
"What an interesting artifact."
—When getting a collectible

Abilities Edit

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Nightmare Realm

Doom Sharks Elemental Bullets Jaws of Doom

Primary Ability
Press (Attack 1) to summon Doom Sharks.

Secondary Ability
Press (Attack 2) to summon Elemental Bullets. Hold (Attack 2) to activate.

Price: 4000
Press and then hold (Attack 1) to summon a giant Doom Shark that attacks enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

BOOM Sharks Elements of Surprise Follow the Leader Doom Head

Price: 500
Doom Sharks now explode on impact.

Price: 700
Elemental Bullets deal increased damage to enemies.

Price: 900
Doom Sharks now follow enemies and deal increased damage.

Price: 1200
Press (Attack 3) to transform into your Doom Head form. Press (Attack 1) to shoot lasers from your eyes. Press (Attack 2) to spread sound waves.

Master of the Elements
Further upgrade your Elemental Bullets attacks.

Elementalist Double Doom Servants of Doom

Price: 1700
Now summon your Elemental Bullets faster.

Price: 2200
Two Elemental Bullets can now be summoned at the same time.

Price: 3000
Hold (Attack 1) to summon evil dark minions to aid you in battle.

Master of Doom
Further upgrade your Doom Sharks and Doom Head attacks.

Doom From Down Under Lasers of Doom Screams of Horror

Price: 1700
Doom Sharks now burrow underground.

Price: 2200
While in Doom Head form, Hold (Attack 1) to shoot lasers for a longer time.

Price: 3000
While in Doom Head form, Hold (Attack 2) to scream for a longer time, which pushes back enemies.

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