K-9 is a crazy dobberman with a cop helmet with a beacon on it. He looks a little bit like Crash and is from the Tech Element and appears in Skylanders Celebrations and skylanders save the others! He can scan enemies with target glasses on his helmet

"ITS UNDER CONTROL!!!!!" K-9's battle cry


He was was a security dog on the airport, until a airplane exploded in the sky! He was sure that he scanned everybody and couldn't find a bomb . After almost being fired he heard a strange noise, TROLLS! But then Boom Jet came out of no where showing his new afterburner and by accident destroyed the trolls. K-9 now also wants to be a Skylander!

Relationships and familyEdit


Crash is K-9's cousin.


He is afraid of Cynder.

Drill SergeantEdit

All of the times when Drill Sergeant goes trough the scanner, beep beep beep K-9 thinks he has guns. That is why Drill Sergeant never goes on a airplane!

Hot dog The neighbors' dog. He gets a lot of food and K-9 is very jealous!

Card statusEdit

Power 70

Defense 120

Speed 90

Luck 50