"Unidentified Flying Me!"
—Gorky's official catchphrase.
Gorky ★
Rough sketch of Gorky.
Title Gorky
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Species Alien
Gender Male
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Appearances Skylanders: Lost Heroes
Gorky is a Tech Element skylander for AdamGregory03's fan game, Lost Heroes.


Gorky's species are very small, so they aren't well physical fighters. Instead they live a very peacful life on Torra. That is, until one day, when a race of evil aliens known as the Muturganians arraived at Torra and enslaved the race to do they're bidding. Gorky managed to escape the terror in his custom-made UFO to Skylands, where he now fights alongside the Skylanders to prevent what happened to his planet to Skylands.

Starting StatsEdit

  • Health: 230
  • Speed: 35
  • Armor: 10
  • Critical Hit: 30
  • Elemental Power: 15


The following is a list of Gorky's attacks and abilities.

Image Ability Name Price

Ability Description

N/A Laser Cannon Free Fire a laser at enemies, simple as that.
N/A Shockwave Free Press 2 to generate a shockwave that stuns enemies.
N/A Cannon Upgrade 500 Lasers deal increased damage.
N/A Long Range Shockwave 700 Shockwave reaches a longer range.
N/A Paralysis Power 900 Enemies stunned by the shockwave slowly take damage.
N/A Spinning Saucer 1100 Press 3 to have you're saucer perform a spinning attack.
N/A Heat-Seeking Cannons 1300 Laser Cannons will automaticaly target enemies.
N/A Golden Cannons 1500 Lasers deal maximum damage.
N/A Defensive Beams 1700 A tiny laser will shoot out and paralyze enemies when Gorky is hit.
N/A WhirlFO 1300 Spinning attack deals increased damage.
N/A Shockwave Slam-Down 1500 Hold 2 to charge up the Shockwave Slamdown.
N/A Armored Alien 1700 A new upgrade to you're UFO makes it harder for enemies to hit you. (+40 armor)
N/A Full Throtle 3000 While holding 1, press 3 to blast off at rocketing speeds.

Starting Powers:

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Mystic Seeker Scroll:

  • Unknown

  • Sky Defense: Make the turret shoot like a machine gun.
  • Castle Assault: Launch a projectile that explodes like a bomb.
  • Ground Defense: Create a time bomb and leave it on the ground.

Battle CriesEdit

  • "Unidentified Flying Me!" (Gorky's official catchphrase)
  • "Woooaaaah!" (bounce pad)
  • "Pretty sweet ride, huh?" (opening status screen)
  • "We didn't have hats like this back on Torra!" (after putting a hat on him)
  • "Ooh... matches my saucer!" (after putting a hat on him)
  • "Now I can buy that new upgrade!" (after opening a treasure chest)
  • "Torra one, Skylands zero." (after defeating an enemy fight or winning a battle)


  • Gorky can hover over water without upgrades.

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